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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Disney Virtues?

The fact that the Walt Disney Corporation has been vilified for its supposed pro-gay stance on matters of domestic partner benefits, gay nights at the parks and the like is supremely ironic. It was only through the efforts of an incredibly dedicated number of members of Disney's LGBT employees group that any of these benefits came into being at all, and even then when a tsunami of other American corporate giants realized that they were loosing out to other competitive companies that had the wisdom to hire LGBT folks. This was largely a decision that had no connection whatsoever to do with politics on these companies parts. They may not have wanted to be associated with LGBT causes, but their share holders wanted increasing dividends, and these queer folks could provide that. The intensely conservative atmosphere inside Mousewitz would have loved nothing better than the LGBT thing just go away. It didn't, and they were dragged screaming into the 1990s, completely against their will just because, well, because the writing was on the wall. So it's almost as funny as Goofy driving that old jalopy around the corner that Walt's heirs are now accused of being Gay friendly. Barely Gay tolerent is more like it.



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