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Monday, July 12, 2010

40 Years of Liberation in London

Now playing ... week of July 12, 2010

Veteran British activist Philip Rescorla recalls the adventures of the Gay Liberation Front and the evolution of London's Pride celebrations. Excerpted from Resonance-FM's "Out in South London" radio show with Rosie Wilby, featuring music by the Tom Robinson Band and London's Pink Singers with Dublin's Gloria choir ... and a brief cameo appearance by Sir Ian McKellen.

And in NewsWrap: U.K.'s top court orders asylum for two gay refugees, DOMA doubly denounced by U.S. federal court, Governor's veto vanquishes Hawai'i civil unions, gay Anglican cleric crossed by Canterbury complications, Presbyterian USA confab splits decisions on ordination and marriage, Iceland's lesbian PM takes a bride, and more news reported by Michael LeBeau and Rick Watts.

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