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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Martin Duberman & Marriage in FRA and RI

Author-historian Martin Duberman eschews liberalism and reconsiders the gay movement in his Kessler Award lecture, Acceptance at What Price? The Gay Movement Reconsidered (excerpted). Has the marriage equality strategy annulled our radical roots?

Dateline Paris -- France finalizes its Marriage for All bill! Celebrations in the streets … and homophobic violence spreads from outside the parliament around the country.

Dateline Providence -- State Senator Maryellen Goodwin is a Roman Catholic, but she converted to equality to vote to open civil marriage to Rhode Island's same-gender couples.

And in NewsWrap: the fourteenth country and tenth U.S. state okay marital parity, Nevada Senators begin to un-DOMA their constitution, Colombian marriage activists are undaunted by legislative rejection, Cuba's sex ed head is denied an "Ally" award, ignorance muddies Mongolian activists' magic moment, and more news reported by Sarah Sweeney and Michelle-Marie Gilkeson (produced by Steve Pride).

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Blogger Lucia said...

It's one show with two sides this week, as we witness marriage equality victories in France and Rhode Island and hear the radical analysis of Martin Duberman: "Today [the Gay Liberation Front] and its agenda have long-since disappeared. It's been replaced by national LGBT organizations, of which … the Human Rights Campaign is the largest, that work toward assimilationist goals like gay marriage, and like the right of gay people to serve openly in the military. And it's precisely that assimilationist agenda … which for the past 20 years has pretty much swept the field in terms of the gay movement. … The place I think to start in attempting a rebuttal to that position is to say just flat out, 'It's not true. Gay people are *not* straight people!'"

Which side are you on?

9:34 PM

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