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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Gay Ice Cream & New Queer CDs

Now playing ... week of August 30, 2010

A frosty gay flavor-fest fascinates the Big Apple, where Sheri Lunn gets the scoop from the co-founder of New York City's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Doug Quint. Then Jane Wiedlin sings the "Big Gay Ice Cream Song."

Get some samples of Anye Elite's homo hiphop ("Sneak Preview"), The Kinsey Sicks' dragapella beautyshop ("Each Hit & I"), and Jason Antone's electronic pop ("Start To Move") as JD Doyle, Chris Wilson and Christopher David Trentham bring you this edition of Audiofile.

And in NewsWrap: marriage equality gives Australian Greens the electoral edge, self-outings shake up U.S. and U.K. politics, Pentagon asks military spouses insulting "Don't Ask Don't Tell" questions, Nepal's gay M.P. leads international parade atop proud pachyderm, and more news reported by Christopher Gaal and Rick Watts.

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