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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

S-G Ban Ki-moon & Gov. Martin O'Malley

Speaking at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the U.N.'s Secretary-General blesses a groundbreaking conference on violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

The governor of Maryland, who signed civil marriage equality into law, looks toward the future of a ballot initiative effort to repeal the measure in November.

Lesbian TV talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres takes up the cause of a Michigan teenager who is spearheading a petition drive to change the rating of the documentary Bully so that it can be shown in middle and high schools.

Plus -- justice-seeking young LGBTs unite to say I Want To Know What It's Like in Ryan James Yezak's popular YouTube video.

And in NewsWrap: Iraqi militia target queer youth for death, Belarus president would "rather be a dictator than gay," Vatican-inspired anti-equality crusades continue, and more news reported by Jacob Anderson-Minshall and Sarah Sweeney (produced by Steve Pride).

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