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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Manning’s Mea Culpa

Trans whistleblower Bradley Manning’s explanatory apology is analyzed by Firedoglake trial-watcher Kevin Gosztola (with Free Speech Radio News reporter Alice Ollstein) and independent journalist Alexa O'Brien (with Amy Goodman and Nakeem Shaikh of Democracy Now!).

Plus: a musical Rainbow [More-Than-A] Minute celebrates the advent this month of marriage equality in Minnesota and Rhode Island.

And in NewsWrap: U.S. evangelical charged with Ugandan crimes against humanity, Prop 8 propelled to ninth circle of hell, German Evangelicals marry unionized same-gender couples, Russian TV anchor fired for coming out on the air, WWE Superstar pins closet, and more news reported by Jenn Mahoney and Jason Proctor (produced by Steve Pride).

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