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Friday, November 15, 2013

ENDA-fatigable & "The New Black"

The Employment Nondiscrimination Act's U.S. Senate success hits a House roadblock, but Senators Tammy Baldwin and Jeff Merkley will never call it quits on the federal job rights bill.

Documentary director Yoruba Richen (interviewed by Steve Pride) went into the midst of Maryland's marriage equality initiative campaign to examine civil rights frictions as  The New Black evolves.

And in NewsWrap: Euro-Courts support African asylum-seekers and Greek partners, Ireland and Croatia plan marriage equality votes, A.C.T. counts down to  High Court marriage hearing, Illinois and Hawai'i march down the aisle with 14 other U.S. states, and more news reported by Pamela Brooks and Wenzel Jones (produced by Steve Pride).

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