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Thursday, May 15, 2014

GiveOUT Day: Preserve the Past -- Record the Future!

On May 15th, you can help save -- and help make -- LGBT history!

You're already a fan of This Way Out: The International Lesbian and Gay Radio Magazine, and chances are you're also familiar with the Pacifica Radio Archives -- well our big news for GiveOUT Day is ... we're dating!

The This Way Out/Pacifica Radio LGBT History Project was born out of urgency. Classic programs tracing the LGBT journey from before Stonewall to the dawn of marriage equality are on tape that is rapidly disintegrating. The problem was brought home dramatically when a treasure trove of old shows were discovered -- molding in a volunteer's garage! Something had to be done!

So we're joining forces on May 15th to launch a campaign to restore and preserve this precious audio history. On this day of unprecedented LGBT-related philanthropy, we implore you to get involved with this unique project!

Meanwhile, week after week This Way Out continues to bring an international audience LGBT history in the making. It would be a foolish mistake to save the audio record of how the movement has developed thus far and lose one of the primary sources for that ever-expanding record! That's why half of your GiveOUT Day donations will go to the preservation project, and the other half will help keep This Way Out on the air.

We're so excited about this new relationship, we want to celebrate by giving our friends a special gift to commemorate the day! For every donation of $25 or more we will send you a CD sampler of some of the treasures we recently discovered, featuring Christine Jorgensen, Dr. Don Clark, Holly Near, Michael Kearns, Malcolm Boyd, Amy Horowitz and more!

Be a part of the groundswell of LGBT philanthropy on GiveOUT Day by donating generously to the This Way Out/Pacifica Radio LGBT History Project. Future generations will be glad you did!

Thanks as always for your enduring support!

The Friends of This Way Out

P.S. $25 will save about 10 minutes of deteriorating audio tape … for $200 we can restore an entire hour-long program!

P.P.S. Become a $500 Project Angel -- you'll preserve an hour-long show and fund the free distribution of This Way Out to a community radio station for a year!

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IF THE GIVEOUT DAY SITE IS DOWN, PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATIONS AT THISWAYOUT.ORG - specify that you're donating to the This Way Out/Pacifica Radio LGBT History Project and ask for your CD "thank you" gift!

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