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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hearing Voices?

As the tidal wave of LGBT rights advances engulfs the western world, the more acutely aware we become of the need to connect with those who still fight against the odds in the globe's most dangerous hotspots. On Facebook and other social media outlets, This Way Out: The International LGBT Radio Magazine is seeing a dramatic rise in friends and followers from places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are hearing our voices -- we want to start hearing theirs!

A recent bequest from a long-time volunteer has made it possible for us to consider how to bring the issues of LGBT people in "unlikely" locations to the air. Our idea is to establish an international program development initiative with a $5000 production fund for original reporting on targeted subjects during the next year. Overnight Productions, Inc., the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that oversees the production and distribution of "This Way Out," is putting up a matching fund of $2500 for GiveOUT Day

-- the other $2500 to underwrite this important project is up to you!

The estimated cost for this type of feature piece is $300-500. It's a small price to pay for a deeper understanding of the lives of LGBT sisters and brothers in circumstances most of us could hardly imagine … a small price to pay to let them know that somebody hears their voices. Please make this dream a reality!

You're one of the loyal listener-supporters who have been the backbone of This Way Out's volunteer-driven production and free distribution to community radio stations since 1988. Don't let GiveOUT Day go by without helping us turn up the volume on the voices of your LGBT family who live in places where silence is the rule!

Click here to go to "This Way Out's" GiveOUT Day page to make your donation!

Your contribution today, no matter how small, will help us cut through the static of homophobia and allow us to go "where no queer radio has gone before"!

Sincere thanks for your on-going support,
The Friends of "This Way Out"

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