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Monday, September 20, 2010

What Makes Brittany Novotny Run

Now playing ... week of September 20, 2010

An Oklahoma trans-woman's place is in the House, and as Brittany Novotny stands up against the barbs of her famously homophobic opponent (Rep. Sally "homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism" Kern), our Linda Birch and Steve Pride chat with her at her West Hollywood campaign fundraiser.

Literary commentator Janet Mason wonders what's so queer about being pink as she reflects on writer Sherry Wolf's "Sexuality and Socialism."

And in NewsWrap: Israel's high court orders Jerusalem gelt for LGBT community center, abducted Russian activist resurfaces, dozens detained in Kathmandu for identifying a problem, lesbian U.S. Air Force nurse goes to court to out-Witt "Don't Ask Don't Tell," Sapphic September sojourn's success supersedes small-town skepticism, and more news reported by John Torres and Robert LeBlanc.

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