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Friday, December 27, 2013

Add Your Voice!

What LGBT-related events meant the most to you this year?  What movies did you see or books did you read?  What people made news … for good or for ill?

In 2013 -- and for the past 25 years -- if it's had an impact on the international LGBT community, you've heard about it on This Way Out!

As the year draws to a close, we need to hear YOUR voice!  The very existence of this non-profit, volunteer-driven, community radio program -- the only broadcast outlet for LGBT voices like it anywhere in the world -- depends on the financial contributions of our listener-supporters.

Our budget is relatively small, but the need for your generous response is great.  This Way Out brings the sounds of liberation to people who live in isolation, it educates people who would not otherwise hear such information, and it inspires people in the trenches of the movement to carry on.  You fuel the engine that makes it all happen!

When you Add Your Voice our 2013 Year End Campaign, please choose from a selection of "thank you gifts" from our audio archives:
  • *NEW* Ani DiFranco - an intimate chat with the bi feminist music icon with tracks from her Which Side Are You On album
  • *NEW* Pride on Screen 2013 - our picks of the best LGBT-inclusive images on TV and the Top Ten LGBT Movies the year
  • A Conversation with Harvey Milk - a 1978 interview with the then newly-elected San Francisco Supervisor and gay martyr 
  • The National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights Radio Documentary - an “audio scrapbook” of the first LGBT march on the U.S. capital in 1979, as rich with the music and culture of the period as it is with the politics
  • Diminished Capacity - the impact of the lenient sentence for the killer of Harvey Milk, which led to the White Night Riots 
  • The Biggest Queer News Stories of 2003 - A 10-year anniversary keepsake collection of reports during a landmark year for LGBT rights
**2013 Year End Campaign Special Offer**
$25 each, $45 for any two, $65 for any three, $90 for any four, any five for $100! 

Your (U.S. tax-deductible) donation will mean the world to us, to the community radio stations around the world who receive This Way Out free of charge, and to the listeners who consider the show their lifeline.

Add Your Voice to the chorus of supporters in this video with your contributions now at … or check out our Year End Campaign page at Razoo!

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