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Thursday, May 15, 2014

GiveOUT Day: Look what we found in our closet!

It's not a pretty sight … what happens to 30+ year old recording tape!

But that's not just rotting acetate you're looking at -- it's the disappearing voices of LGBT activists and artists representing over half a century of progress and strife.

Today, you can help prevent the tragic loss of thousands of hours of community-based LGBT radio programming!

There's been a lot of buzz about GiveOUT Day, but do you know what it is? May 15th is a national day of giving to LGBT organizations. Last year over 5400 people donated in excess of $600,000 for more than 400 non-profits across the U.S., of which Overnight Productions, Inc. (the producer of This Way Out) was one. Top fundraisers win awards, but the real reward is being a part of the outpouring of commitment to the work of advancing equality.

For this year's GiveOUT Day, This Way Out is collaberating with the Pacifica Radio Archives to ensure that historic LGBT programming will be preserved … and that contemporary programming will grow even stronger!

Every This Way Out program since it's debut in 1988 is housed in the Pacifica Radio Archives, making it one of the key contributors to PRA's LGBT collection. Those early programs are already in need of preservation, and you can see above what's happened to some audio gems from the 1970s!

History isn't just in the archives, it's marching forward every day. This Way Out documents the fast-moving events of today's international LGBT movement, bringing the information to the airwaves and storing it in the Pacifica Radio Archives for all time.

How long "all time" is depends on you! Your GiveOUT Day donation to the This Way Out/Pacifica Radio LGBT History Project will be shared between archival tape restoration and program production expenses. Can you be a $500 Project Angel? Can you finance the restoration of a one-hour program for $200? Can you save 10 minutes of audio history for $25? All the details are at our GiveOUT Day page:

… and find out about a special "thank you" gift!

What else can you do to help?
  • Share this email with five friends
  • Post the link below to social media
  • Encourage a young person to learn more about LGBT history
Time is running out for many, many hours of precious recordings … and time is running out for you to get the This Way Out/Pacifica Radio LGBT History Project off to an auspicious start on this GiveOUT Day!

Thanks again for your generosity,

The Friends of This Way Out

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